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Blood Loss

Bloodloss was developed for BCIT’s COMP 4900 class.


Once a knight, the player has been transformed into a goat by an evil wizard and tossed into a strange labyrinth full of monsters. The player awakes to find that they’re quickly losing blood and equipped with only a jar of fireflies to light their way.


To prolong their life, the player must navigate a series of labyrinths, picking up bandages and blood packs. Each labyrinth contains a portal which teleports the player to the next labyrinth. The player is constantly losing blood, leaving a blood trail behind them as they navigate the winding corridors. Monsters meander around throughout the labyrinth and will attack the player on sight, or follow their blood trail if they stumble upon it. The player will often have monsters pursuing them and being unarmed, must come up with indirect ways to lose them, such as leading them over trap floors, or altering the labyrinth’s walls; closing corridors and opening new ones. As the player progresses, the labyrinths become larger and pickups are sparser. Death is inevitable for the player, but a high-score keeps a record of farthest labyrinth reached.

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Developed With: DirectX 11, C++