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Cluck was developed for BCIT’s COMP 7051 class.

###Story Every year, the deity Cluck receives a tribute of chickens during the 10 days of Cluckmas from the local village. This year, a meddling chicken herder keeps releasing the chickens meant for tribute. If the chickens are to be returned in time for Clucks arrival, the player will need to act fast.

###Gameplay Players can sprint and dive for chickens, but must also be careful not to spook them. A balance of stealth and agility will be needed to successfully catch all the chickens before Cluck arrives. Once caught, chickens might still escape if the player fumbles the quick time events that occur of their way to the pen. Chickens can also be quickly tossed to the pen which can result in better times, but is also more risky.

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Developed With: XNA, C#