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Viking XII

Viking XII was developed for BCIT’s COMP 8051 class.


The Viking space program successfully sends ships deep into outer space with its twelfth attempt; however, the Vikings are not alone. Grayliens inhabit much of the cosmos already and are furious that the cool Viking helmets don’t fit on their big heads. The Grayliens decide that if they cannot wear these helmets, no one else should be able to either. Thus the war between Vikings and Grayliens begins.


Viking XII is local turn based strategy game. Before battle, players select their faction and assemble their fleet. Each player’s fleet is composed of Tank, Medic and Recon ships. Each ship has a set number of action points available each turn and a special action that’s unique to that ship. These action points can be used to move, attack, scan asteroids and/or to use the unit’s special action. For instance, the medic’s special action will heal teammates. Searching asteroids can reveal hidden power-ups like the Vampirism power-up which heals a ship when that ship damages opponents.

Game Modes

In Skirmish, a faction wins once it has destroyed all of its opponent’s ships.

In Capture the Flag, a faction wins by finding and capturing the opponent’s flag. At the start of the game, each player chooses an asteroid to hide their flag on.

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Developed With: OpenGL ES 2.0, Objective C