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The Starscape Shimmer

The Starscape Shimmer was developed for BCIT’s COMP 8551 class.


Once a quaint, single screen movie theatre, The Starscape hasn’t seen any business in quite some time. A strange phenomenon simply referred to as the Shimmer started occurring and the place has since been setup as a makeshift research site for a Maggie Gardner and a Clyde Barns to study the Shimmer. Clyde also happens to be your best friend, but hasn’t been returning any of your calls. Concerned for his wellbeing, you decide to stop by the Starscape theatre and find the place completely abandoned. It’s now up to you to unravel the mysteries surrounding The Starscape and discover Clyde and Maggies whereabouts.


Explore the move theatre, reading the notes and journal entries left behind by the scientists.

Watch films from when the theatre was in business. Hidden messages can be found within these films that will bring you closer to discovering what happened here, but these messages are fragmented and must first be decoded. Using the contraption left behind by the scientists will help uncover these messages and will ultimately reveal much more.

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Developed With: Unreal Engine, C++