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An electrical grid simulation for prototyping intelligent storage strategies.


Simulations in Flow consist of user defined buildings and power plants. Each building has a load profile and acts as a consumer in the simulation. The power plants act as producers and are responsible for meeting the consumer needs. The cost of electricity and the quantity of GHG emissions produced will fluctuate in response to changes in demand. Accordingly, peak hours of energy consumption will often result in significant price and emission increases as power plants work at maximum capacity. Equipping buildings with storage devices that use intelligent storage strategies can help offset peak times, mitigating high prices and emissions.

Storage Strategies

Each building in the simulation can be given a number of storage devices. These storage devices run storage strategies that produce storage profiles. Storage profiles specify when during the next day energy will be stored and released. An effective storage strategy will produce storage profiles that help reduce the costs and environmental footprint of the building.

These storage strategies are written in the Lua scripting language and can be assigned to storage devices in the simulation. Each storage strategy is provided simulation information (load profile of the building, current day of the week, etc.) which it then uses to produce a storage profile for the following day.

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Developed With: Java, LuaJ & JavaFX